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    Chapter 18 Refrigeration Plant and Mine Air Conditioning Systems Malcolm J. McPherson 18- 2 18.1. INTRODUCTION One of the earliest methods of temperature control in underground mines was the importation of

  • Use of Air-and-Water Spraying Systems for Improving Dust ...

    After installing the VIRGA spraying system in the conveyor of the run-of-mine transportation system from longwall 128 in seam 401, at level 740 m in Brzeszcze colliery, tests regarding the efficiency of dust control in the mine air were conducted.

  • Use of Air-and-Water Spraying Systems for Improving Dust ...

    This article describes air-and-water spraying systems, designed at the KOMAG Institute of Mining Technology, used in longwall shearers, in roadheaders, at transfer points of conveyors and in roadways.

  • Effective Treatment Options for Acid Mine …

    Kirby, Daniel, "Effective Treatment Options for Acid Mine Drainage in the Coal Region of West ia" (2014).Theses, Dissertations ... Coal mining has a long history in the state of West ia and until recently mining was ... already occurred in the area where the drainage is entering the water. There are systems today

  • Review on Dewatering Pumping Network for Underground …

    mining system to be concentrate upon to regulate the pumping process to increase the efficiency and reduction ... equipped with gate valves to control the water intersected. 957. ... frictional ignition in coal mines are prevented using chilled water sprays. The chilled water system requires circulating pumping system …

  • Mine Monitoring & Control Systems | PBE's MineBoss

    The Mine Monitoring and Control Systems (MCS) allow for continuous monitoring of priority systems such as gas levels, air flow, ventilation fans, water pumps, power status and other systems critical to the operation of your mine.

  • Wet Dust Control System Fundamentals -

    Wet Dust Control System Fundamentals Wet systems are used for: ... • Continuous mining • Crushing and screening • Dryers • Transfer points • Packaging/filling ... Coal, for example, repels water and usually requires the use of chemical additives to increase absorption.

  • Sustainable Water Solutions for the Mining Industry - Veolia

    Creating Water Solutions for the mining industry Specialized expertise ... thanks to our understanding of the unique requirements of mine operations and our worldwide expertise in mine water issues. Focusing on system performance, compliance with process and environmental requirements ... > Mine water control > Positive water balance control

  • Mine Water Treatment Filtration and Separation ...

    Mine Water Treatment Filtration and Separation Technologies for Mine Water Treatment ... plant-wide control / SCADA). Mine Water treatment Solution ... by MF technology. Integrated Membrane System Solution Many mine water applications require an integrated membrane system solution which typically incorporates a staged module design including ...

  • Acid mine drainage - Wikipedia

    Acid mine drainage, acid and metalliferous drainage (AMD), or acid rock drainage (ARD) is the outflow of acidic water from metal mines or coal mines. ... In the United Kingdom, many discharges from abandoned mines are exempt from regulatory control.

  • Guidance on the use of rockbolts to support roadways in ...

    planes, presence of water or any substance likely to flow, borehole information and gradients. ... a system of support for the roadway sides, where the initial assessment ... months' relevant experience of strata control activities in a coal mine and the

  • Acid Mine Drainage - Office of Surface Mining

    Acid Mine Drainage ... generally most prone to acid production; freshwater systems usually produce non-acid water, and marine systems produce variable drainage quality. In some coal measures, the paleoenvironment varies laterally ... Numerous chemical, physical and biological factors interact to control the quality of mine drainage.

  • Dust control practices in the Indian mining industry

    DUST CONTROL PRACTICES IN INDIAN COAL MINES ... In underground mines, water added for drilling creates foggy situations, which lead to poor visibility. ... CIMFR has developed few dry dust collection systems for the prevalent form of drilling practices used in Indian mines.

  • Comparison of Designs for the Dewatering of Coal, Gold and ...

    Coal mine water control requires the separation of clean and dirty water. Dirty water is the water that has come into contact with the coal or carbonaceous sediments and has become degraded in quality, particularly in colour, pH and

  • Potential Drinking Water Effects of Bromide Discharges ...

    Potential Drinking Water Effects of Bromide Discharges from Coal-Fired Electric Power Plants . Jeanne M VanBriesen, Ph.D., P.E. ... surface water systems have the potential to affect downstream drinking water plants, causing ... The range of coal mine discharges (active and abandoned) of bromide is very similar to the range seen in natural ...

  • Mine Ventilation Systems - Missouri S&T

    Mine System and Control Devices A well designed and properly implemented ventilation system will provide beneficial physiological and psychological side effects that enhance employee safety, comfort, health, and morale.

  • Environmental impact of the coal industry - Wikipedia

    The environmental impact of the coal industry includes issues such as land use, waste management, water and air pollution, caused by the coal mining, processing and the use of its products.

  • Fact Sheet Series - US EPA

    Fact Sheet Series Sector H: Coal Mines and Coal Mining-Related Facilities U.S. EPA Ofice of Water ... National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) to control stormwater discharges associated ... inluence to what extent signiicant materials from coal mines and coal mining-related facilities can affect water quality. Geographic location

  • Ventilation and Cooling in Underground Mines

    The amount of air required for dilution control will depend on both the strength of the contaminant source and the effectiveness of other control measures such as water for dust suppression or methane drainage systems in coal mines.

  • Mine Rescue Robot System – A Review - ScienceDirect

    Underground mining is beset with numerous problems such as ground movement (fall of roof/sides), inundation, air blast, etc.; apart from gas explosions and dust explosions that are restricted to coal mines.

  • Fact Sheet on the Use of Stone Dust to Control Coal …

    Underground Coal Mining Safety Research Collaboration _____ Fact Sheet on the Use of Stone Dust to Control Coal Dust Explosions in Underground Coal Mines Background The Underground Coal Mining Safety Research Collaboration (UCMSRC) is an ad-hoc association of ... positive pressure system deluges the area with water or inert dust, …


    The Federal Coal Mine Health and Safety Act of 1969, Sec. 303(b), stipulates that the primary ventilation system must deliver at least 9,000 cfm of uncontaminated fresh air to the last open cross-cut.

  • Underground Coal Mining Methods to Abate Water Pollution

    WATER POLLUTION CONTROL RESEARCH SERIES • 14010 FKK 12/70 Underground Coal Mining Methods to Abate Water Pollution ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY • WATER QUALITY OFFICE ------- WATER POLLUTION CONTROL RESEARCH SERIES The Water Pollution Control Research Reports describe the results and progress in the control and abatement of pollution in ...

  • Water Control in Underground Mines – Grouting or Drainage?

    implemented water management control system for an underground mine should consider the climatic, hydrologic and hydrogeologic characteristics of the mine area, the mining methods and the depth of the mine, and the potential environmental impacts of the mining operation during

  • Pittsburgh Mining Research Division - Mine Safety …

    MSHA Coal Mine Respirable Dust Control Summit, National Health & Safety Academy, Beaver, WV . December 6, 2016. ... or on face side of shearer body Shearer-body Sprays . Controlling Shearer Dust ... of the directional spray system Equipped with water …

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    Using Big Guns and 800 Series Control Valves in conjunction with Nelson's Control System allows mining operations to automate irrigation for scheduled fugitive dust suppression. The New R75M is being used in coal mine operations to wash coal and debris away from walkways and other critical areas.

  • Wireless Solutions for Surface and Underground Mining

    Wireless Solutions for Surface and Underground Mining . 2 3 Comprehensive Wireless Solutions ... • Water supply control systems. 4 5 Water Monitoring and Control ... A moving dragline excavator in a surface coal mine uses ELPRO wireless

  • Draft Water Management Plan 1-08-10

    water management control plan will be reviewed and modified, if necessary, in conjunction with Draft Water Management Plan for the Chuitna Coal Project mining.