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    Basalt stone dust is one of the highest quality rock dusts in the world. This rock dust will add paramagnetic energy to your soil, which helps spark biological activity in your growing medium. SHIPPING IS INCLUDED WITH THE PRICES IN THE DROP DOWN MENU

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    This blue metal dust is known variously as: rock dust, blue metal dust, stone dust, basalt dust. However when buying ensure that the original rock was basalt, also called blue metal. Blue metal aggregates are the materials used in concrete and road making but are much larger pieces than those used in farming or gardening.

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    A few of the rock-dusts that are used in agriculture include RPR (reactive phosphate rock), limestone, serpentine, dolomite, basalt, granite, gypsum and greensand (glauconite-potassium and iron). The volcanic rocks basalt and granite often contain very good levels of essential macro and micro elements and micro-nutrients.

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    Basaltec Ltée® | Basaltec Ltée is a natural basalt rock …. Basaltec Ltée is a natural basalt rock dust production company. …Paramagnetism is a geological occurrence in certain mineral complexes that is quite rare and … » More detailed Paramagnetic Rock Dust – The Secret To Healthy …. What is paramagnetic rock dust?Well, let's start with paramagnetism.

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    Rock dust, also known as William, rock minerals, rock flour, soil remineralization, and mineral fines, consists of finely crushed rock, processed by natural or mechanical means, containing minerals and trace elements widely used in organic farming practices.

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    Organic and sustainable farmers have long relied on rock dust, including volcanic basalt, as an all-natural way to improve roots systems, increase yields, and promote general plant health in a wide variety of crops and conditions.

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    Basalt rock dust for remineralization. A premium gradation of macro and micro nutrients in one natural mineral product. Use for conventional and organic care and ornamentals. Perfect for nutrient dense growing practice.

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    Rock Dust, Paramagnetism and Towers of Power and how they affect plant growth ... use paramagnetic basalt rock dust: 1. in my hot compost heaps 2. in vegetable bed preparation ... benefits of rock dust as a soil conditioner.It is good because unlike NPK crap fertilizers it is insoluble

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    (see article in the last newsletter entitled Paramagnatism in the Garden) as well as general reading on the subject I now use paramagnetic basalt rock dust: 1. in my hot compost heaps 2. in vegetable bed preparation 3. in the making of seed raising/potting mixtures

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    What is paramagnetic rock dust?Well, let's start with paramagnetism. The soil in your organic garden is paramagnetic. It isn't magnetic, but is mildly attracted by a magnet and partially aligns with the earth's magnetic field, so it's paramagnetic. Some soils are attracted more than others, and generally, the more paramagnetic your soil is, the better.

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    Well the results are in, and Paramagnetic did not Win, and the popular views on paramagnetism - derived from Callahan - and its effect on plant growth appear obfuscatory. In the results of properly constituted greenhouse trials(*) I have just viewed, amendments with Quaternary Basalt of fairly ...

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    Basalt rock dust as a source of natural nutrients for plants Basalt is an igneous rock. That means it wasn't processed or transformed by environment, so the plant nutrients in it, are just as they were when they came out of the center of the Earth.

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    In fact, volcanic basalt's mineral content is significantly higher than the mineral content of glacial rock dust which can contain high levels of potassium. It also naturally stacks up favorably to single source rock dusts like rock phosphate, a common soil amendment that only supplies phosphorus.

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    Part I, Rock Dusts in Agriculture Rock dusts, as the term is used in organic agriculture, refers to those granite meals and quarry dusts and rock ... Dyna-Min. Flora-Stim is a clay-based rock dust material. ... Rock dusts of volcanic ori are preferred, such as diabase or basalt, because of their high silica value. necessary for proper cell ...


    basalt, alkali basalt, etc. In selecting the type of basaltic rock dusts used in trials and presented in this ... Literature search show that rock dust with high paramagnetic levels are thought to favourably affect both the composting process and plant growth.

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    Volcanic Rock Dust (Trace Mineral Fertilizer) is great for mineralizing soils with Silica, Potassium, Phosphate, Magnesium, Iron, Nitrogen, Zinc and many more. Helps soften soils and gives fruit and vegies better taste and nutrition.

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    BuildASoil Basalt We've found a local Basalt that we're excited about, we will update this page with more details soon. Useful Info Will not effect PH and is NOT a agent Will add paramagnetic energy and essential trace elements How To Use Coming Soon Shipping Info BuildASoil Basalt 5 lb - …

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    Glacial rock dust and basalt rock dust formulated using only the finest organic and mineral inputs to ensure a complete balance of nutrients. All Gaia Green Premium Organic Fertilizers are environmentally friendly, are acceptable for Organic Food Production and are G.M.O. Free.

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    Jan 24, 2014· Add 'paramagnetic' stuff to one batch, ordinary volcanic basalt dust to another, and leave one batch untreated. Then do the seedling test. My hypothesis is that the seedlings will do equally well in both the ordinary basalt dust and the paramagnetic type.

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    To amplify incoming ELF, towers must be paramagnetic, and the effect is enhanced even more when paramagnetic and diamagnetic (i.e. weakly repelled by a magnet) materials are sandwiched together. The Irish towers, often made from granite or basalt stone with wooden floors, were perfect for the task.

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    The Value of Paramagnetic Rock: The most important point about paramagnetism is that it contributes to plant growth. Dr. Dr. Phil Callahan, the guru in this discipline, says unequivocally, that paramagnetism is required for plant growth.

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    Why Rock Dust Is the Future of Gardening - Natural Vitality Living A recent study in Panama showed almost 10 times increased growth for trees planted with a local basalt rock dust. It prevents erosion, and this alone makes it ...

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    paramagnetic basalt rock dust - Grinding Mill China. use paramagnetic basalt rock dust: ... Paramagnetic rock dust is mildy magnetic and it allows the soil to store ... what are examples of paramagnetic rock ... Contact Supplier Phillip S. CALLAHAN -- Paramagnetism & Agriculture.

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    Diatomaceous Earth Natural Silica Source & Insect Control (Avoid Breathing Dust) Paramagnetic Basalt Rock Mea l High CGS, from Canada Calcium Bentonite Clay Feed Grade PelBon Adds CEC, Detoxes, high Ca

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    Some rock dusts, basalts in particular, do have high paramagnetic values and this may be one of the reasons why it has been shown to be a beneficial soil additive, though not all rock dust is the same in this respect, different quarries produce dust of different values.

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    I have used rock dust from Fyansford Quarry which has a low paramagnetic value and a fine particle size. the greater the paramagnetic action. a combination of lime and sugars. basalt dust. blue metal dust. also from Local Mix Quarry (near Anakie) which has a high paramagnetic reading and a good spread of particle sizes.

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    When I buy in rock powder I go for stuff that has known micronutrients (greensand), phosphorus (rock phosphate) or potassium (granite dust). I try to balance Ca/Mg by mixing ag lime and dolomite at a …

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    The "grits-to-dust" is typically any rock dust with a course fraction in the particle size. The largest particle for our purposes can be passing through a 1/4" screen with the dust included or it can be finer, i.e., 1/8"-0 and finer still.